Sakura Hive Ita Fashion

Created by Mei Bee Art

Luxurious Ita Fashion. Purse, Clutch, and Backpack designed to allow your unique style to shine through!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pre-Order Store and Surveys planned to come out this week.
about 1 month ago – Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 11:38:57 PM

Working Hard.

Hello Everyone! I am working hard to get the Pre-order store, and Backerkit Surveys up and running. Right now I am stuck on setting up the shipping. I need responses from Backerkit, as well as HMRC in UK. I have finished everything else so once I am able to complete setting up the shipping costs, I will send the surveys to Backerkit for review! After that I ill be able to send them out My goal is sometime this weekend, or early next week!


On the next Kickstarter update I will be showing how to use your add-on money, and/or add items to your pledge using the backerkit survey. I have also made it so that you can get the Summertime Picnic Ita bags for the Kickstarter price. I have also added a clutch a6 binder insert, and the Summertime Picnic Kickstarter pins


You can see a video of me explaining how the a6 binder insert works here, you can skip to the one minute mark: 

Yellow Backpack

Luckily, we had enough errored charges fixed so the yellow backpack is funded! I was really nervous for a moment there, but we will got them funded!

Shipping reminder

This is a quick reminder that shipping will be charged during the survey process. Failure to pay shipping will result in your pledge being marked as a donation, and will not be fulfilled.

UK Backers

I am still working to see if I can get a VAT number so that I can fulfill UK pledges. If I am unable to I will cancel your pledge and refund you. Alternatively if you are in the UK you can use a mail forwarding service like this one! 

We did it! ... almost...
about 2 months ago – Tue, Mar 16, 2021 at 04:10:00 PM

Thank you to all of you! The Kickstarter holds a special place in my heart, not only did I design this collection to help with my honey PTSD (all ready helped so much!!!), your support has meant the world to me! 

Failed Charges and the Yellow Backpack

At this time 41 of your pledges are failed charges, totaling $5,534... Unless we have these charges fixed, the yellow backpack is still not funded... Please check to make sure you recieved an email from Kickstarter saying your charges was successful. If it was not you should have received an email saying so, in that case please fix your charge before Kickstarter drops your pledge.

When will the surveys go out?

In about 2-4 weeks you will receive an email asking you to fill out your Backerkit survey. That will be where you can select your add-ons, and pick your reward items! You WILL be charged shipping at that time. If you chose not to fill out your survey or pay shipping then your pledge will be considered a donation. 

Gradient inserts!

I hear these questions often, how much are the gradient inserts, and can we see pictures?

The gragient inserts cost the same as other inserts of the same size! If you did not add them on already, dont worry! You will have a chance to add that on during the backerkit survey. And ofcourse you can have pictures! 

What we have unlocked, common questions, and clarifying some things
2 months ago – Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 11:54:43 PM

I know I promised a thicc update a few days ago, but I have been working hard behind the scenes and wanted to give this update the attention it deserved!

We have unlocked the full black set!

The Black crossbody purse, clutch, and backpack have all been unlocked! We have also unlocked the Gradient Hive insert as an add-on. You can add that using the prices from the add-on section. I do not have pictures of it yet, but I am working on it with the manufacturer! I will explain later in this update how to do Add-ons! I appreciate you all so much, and I am so happy that this project is coming to life!! Thank you all!! Lets work on unlocking the 3 pink styles! I truly believe we are on track to unlock all of the current goals!

Interior of the purse/Backpack

I have had a few requests for more images of the interior of the purse and backpack.  Unfortunately, I had a tragic loss of all of my artwork files (not JUST artwork for this Kickstarter) shortly before the Kickstarter, this means it is hard for me to make new/change the current graphics. I will be working on making a graphic to show the interior layout better, but please have patience. It will take me quite a while. 

The best I can do now is say that there are two large padded pockets behind the ita window. On the back wall there are 2 more padded pockets, one zippered pocket, two Nintendo Switch sized pockets, and two pencil pockets. 

I have also made a highlights reel on twitch of all the parts where we showed the interior of the purse and Backpack. You can click here or watch the video below

Please do NOT cancel your pledge

We completely understand if you can not/do not want to continue pledging to the campaign. However Kickstarter's algorithm is based on how many backers we get per day, not how much money, so if you need to cancel we request you drop your pledge down to $1 instead of canceling all together! Thank you so much for doing what you can to make this project possible!!

Other Colorways (including yellow clutch)

I have seen quite a few people either assuming that a yellow clutch was part of this collection already, or asking for it to be made.  I have already considered the yellow clutch and I do not have plans to make it. Thank you for your understanding. On that same note, we only have plans for the color ways shown in the kickstarter video, and on the campaign.  To clarify these are the ones planned:

  • Black Purse (funded)
  • Black Clutch (funded)
  • Black Backpack (funded)
  • Pink Purse
  • Pink Clutch
  • Pink Backpack
  • Yellow Purse
  • Yellow Backpack

The Social Goals

I want to take a second to explain the social goals a bit further. If you see the image below you will notice there are are 3 flowers for each goal type. These are like progress bars. Each time we hit a flower in the progress bar we gain that flower (ie when we hit 10,00 followers on instagram). When we get 6 flowers we get the first free mini logo pin, then 9 flowers is the next free Momo pin, lastly at 12 flowers we get the final free Miele pin.  

These free pins will only come with TIERS of $30 or more. In other words if you pledged for a pin or print tier you would not get the free pins even if you added things on to be above $30.

These pins ARE available as add-ons. Even if the social goals are not met, you can still add them on to your pledge!

Lastly I really hope to see fan art of Momo and Miele, this is the goal I am most excited to see completed!!

Shipping is NOT free

I just want to clarify one more time that shipping is NOT free, it will be charged after the Kickstarter funding process is over, during the Backerkit survey. This will be calculated by weight. Kickstarter takes a fee of shipping costs, and does not allow us to set it by weight. This method not only allows us to be most fair, and allows us to keep the prices as low as possible.

Water Resistant lining

I realized only after launching the Kickstarter that I failed to share the purse and backpack have a water resistant lining, so you should be able to take this out in light rain without worries.  

Clutch Zipper Pocket change

Clutch Zipper Pocket change  Less than a week before the Kickstarter launched I saw a friend's planner wallet and the inspiration hit me to change the accordion pocket to a open zipper cash envelope/budget organizer/planner wallet like pocket! I am design it so that you can use this A6 sized ringed planner insert from this website to add cash envelopes, paper and budget planning!!  You can watch this video of me explaining the changes more thoroughly. I am also considering making the clutch a small bit bigger to make it so the "Happy Planner Skinny Mini" can also fit! 

You can see the changes in the video below or by clicking here.

What each piece comes with

  • The purse comes with a matching colored insert, a chain strap, and a detachable handle.
  • The backpack comes with a matching colored insert, backpack straps, and a detachable handle.
  • The clutch comes with a matching insert and a wrist strap.

The purse can be worn with the backpack straps, the back pack can be worn with the chain strap, and the clutch should be able to be held with the detachable handle, thus all of these items are available as add-ons so you can mix and match. You can also add inserts of other colors in the add-on section. (add-ons explained later in this update)

The Ita Window

I have heard that "Ita bag aren't for me because I don't collect pins" I would like to change that perspective. If you watch the Kickstarter cover video you will see how creative you can be with the ita window! You can fill it with small stuffies, snacks, make a scrapbooking display, put a letterboard, postcards, a manga, photos, fairy lights, etc! I can't wait to see what you all display!!!

FAQ page

I have set up FAQs on the Kickstarter (if you are looking on the mobile app it is under Champaign, and then FAQs). If you have any questions, please check there first, if you do not see the answer please message me, Kaths, or Lakewatch productions on Kickstarter messages. We will do our best to answer your questions and we may even add it to the FAQs to help others too.

How to do Add-ons

I have been asked how the add-on section works. You will find the prices of the add-ons in the add on section, you can either add that price to your pledge when you pledge, OR add it after by selecting "manage pledge." 

First I will show you how to on the Mobile app. scroll down to see how to do it on the Desktop:

Mobile Method

  • Step 1

         First you will see the manage pledge at the bottom of the screen when you are on the Sakura Hive Kickstarter.

  • Step 2

          Tap the three dots in the top right hand corner

  • Step 3

          Here you would tap Update Pledge if you want to add things on. If you are looking to change to a different reward you could do that here as well!!

  • Step 4

         You will see a "Bonus Support" option. This is where you will add the cost of the items you want from the add-on section! 

Desktop method

  • Step 1

         Click Manage Pledge on the Sakura Hive Kickstarter Page

  • Step 2

      Click Change your pledge if you want to add things on. If you are looking to change to a different reward you could do that here as well!!

  • Step 3

                This is where you will add the cost of the items you want from the add-on section! If you are looking to change to a different reward you could do that here as well!!

Lowered the goal costs!
2 months ago – Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 11:50:36 PM

Hello Bumblebees! In an effort to make sure all of the goals get unlocked, I have lowered the quantities of the backpack that I will be ordering from the manufacturer! (this means we will have less to sell after the Kickstarter pledges are fulfilled.) I did this so that I can lower the goal costs to make sure everything gets unlocked! 

Now the full pink set is now unlocked! We just have the yellow purse, and yellow backpack to go, and those are both lowered goals! 

Fan Art and the social goals

We have our first #SakuraHiveItaFanArt for the social goals! The best part is that it is the first fan art of Miele so far! Check her out! This one was done by @Willsplats on Twitter

We now have 2 flowers collected on the social goals, only 4 more to go to unlock the free pin!

Its been a while!
2 months ago – Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 09:00:13 AM

How is everyone doing? Its been a while since I have updated you all! We are actually doing really well! We are very close to unlocking the pink backpack, and then we just have the yellow crossbody and backpack to go!


I want to let everyone new here, or remind those who have already been here, that the step by step guide to do the add-ons is in update #2 ! It is complete with screenshots for both phone and computer!


I have also updated the FAQs with more answers for frequently asked questions! So if you have a question please check that out first!

Please don't DM me on Instagram

My Instagram bio does say this but I still have had people DMing me on Instagram. I want to make sure your message is not missed so please email me, or message me, Lakewatch Productions, or Kaths (all listed as collaborators on the Kickstarter). 

Printed Gradient Hive Insert

I have received a picture and video of the printed gradient hive insert. I an delighted to say they are so far looking great! There is much improvement already since the original prototype. I can wait to show these to you once we have completed our product testing! 

How do you know what add-ons I want or what color bags I want? 

At the end of the Kickstarter you will be sent and email with your Backerkit survey. during this process you can pick your add-ons, and your bags. You will also have the opportunity to add more items to your pledge from my store.

Why are you charging shipping after the Kickstarter funding process?

Because Kickstarter charges fees on the shipping cost, and thy wont allow us to mark the shipping per weight. This method is most accurate and fair, as well as the cheapest option for your shipping.